Engineer stuns TikTok With Real Life Iron Man Suit She Made

Videos go 'viral' on social media for a million different reasons...but this one, well is just downright THE COOLEST!! Talk about inspiration...South Carolina's Emily Yarid built a 3D printed replica of THE #1 SUPERHERO OF ALL TIME (yes, he's my favorite!) ha of Iron Man...and WOW! 57 million views and counting on her Tik Tok and you're about to see why...she shared a compilation video and it just blew up! She's been building superhero props since age 14 and then improved upon her Iron Man prototype by 3D printing a new suit, adding the latest technology and her special touches, just before graduating Clemson with a B.S. in mechanical engineering...she posted the video minutes before receiving her diploma and then, boom! VIRAL FAME FOR BEING AWESOME! What an inspiration to young builders and aspiring engineers everywhere🙂 Hear more of her story during her visit on GMA and check out those now-famous Tik Tok's🙂 

Check out the GMA interview video: