BTS Auction Off Their Famous Outfits From Dynamite Video For Charity

Gotta love K Pop sensation BTS!

NOT just because they are 7 SUPER talented and very popular young men, but moreso because of their HUGE HEARTS ❤️❤️ The guys just auctioned off the colorful outfits they wore in the video for their now famous, number hit song 'Dynamite' and made a TON OF MONEY for charity God bless them! Originally estimated to sell for around $20-40,000...until a Japanese art collector named Yusaku Maezawa and You Tuber Kikakin purchased them for $162, 000! BTS gave the money to Music Cares,a non-profit organization that aims towards providing health, financial, and rehabilitation resources to the musicians in need, including those that were adversely affected by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic...

THANK YOU BTS! I hope the new 'outfit owners' display them or somehow share with fans, their devoted #BTSARMY what they plan to do with them🙂