Check Out All The Cool Star Studded Commercials You'll See Big Game Sunday!

As we get the folks in our 'bubble' ready for some 7 layer dip, pizza, and adult beveraging for the Big Game this Sunday...who wants a SNEAK PEEK at allllllll of the super fun, star-studded commercials now?? I've seen a few already, that are DEFINITELY creating buzz for their brand...Wayne & Garth of Wayne's World +Cardi B for Uber Eats (hilarious)...Ashton Kutcher & wife Mila Kunis +singer Shaggy for Cheetos (super cute) ...then I just heard about a Will Ferrill one for GMC which you KNOW, will be who else will make us laugh, think, ponder interesting thoughts ALL while compelling us to buy their product??? Let's take a looksy...oh and keep your eyes peeled for the likes of Tony Romo, Maya Rudolph, Will Ferrill, Michael B. Jordan as 'Alexa'?? haa Dan Levy of Schitt's Creek, Jon Cena, Amy Schumer and TONS MORE...HERE WE GO!!🙂