Texas Woman Who Thought She Was Dating Bruno Mars, Catfished Out Of $100K

With Valentine's Day weekend upon us...my gosh friends...I know it's been an EXTRA LONELY YEAR WITH COVID BUT COME ON!!! A 63-year-old woman from Texas, who believed she was IN AN ONLINE RELATIONSHIP with 35-year-old Grammy-winning singer Bruno Mars...was, shocker...swindled out of $100,000! The con man, now facing her in court on money laundering charges, Chinwendu Azuonwu is his name...he had 'catfished' her and convinced her that he aka 'Bruno Mars' needed the money for his 'tour expenses' and that he was going to RETIRE TO BE WITH HER!!!! Reports say, the scam started back in 2018 while Mars was still performing live shows (pre-Covid)...turns out, while falling in love with 'Bruno Mars'...she was actually communicating with Azuonwu (a Nigerian national, living in Houston) and another friend, via Instagram and Google Hangout. If convicted, the two men each face between 2-10 years in state prison..ug!! Embarrassing for her too...how awful! SHAME ON THEM!! Jail time is comin boys!!!