Card Collectors Are Snatching Up All The Pokemon Happy Meals At McDonalds!

Why am I NOT surprised to hear this is happening ;/ Select McDonald's happily partnered with Pokemon to celebrate its 25th anniversary this month...the actual package box features Pikachu's adorable face complete with our tasty McDonald's grub AND the coveted collectible Pokemon cards inside. I guess folks are FREAKING OUT over the collectible cards SO MUCH that they are going to great lengths to get AS MANY HAPPY MEALS AS POSSIBLE...even buying them in large quantities, racing to as many locations as early in the am as possible to SNATCH THEM ALL UP! Leaving many locations constantly 'sold out' ;/ The cards have already found their way onto eBay in droves, with people selling entire cases of cards for over $1,000 in some cases or groups of 10 packs of cards for as much as $100 ;0 How did THAT happen?? An inside job maybe?? Hmmm...well, I wish McDonald's AND Pokemon saw this coming...maybe next time NO collectible cards...just a cute Happy Meal plastic toy-like we're used to ;/