Costco's New Signature, $10 Rose’ Is Here And People Are Freaking Out!


Especially as the pandemic drags on...we are still having TONS of beautiful sunny days here in Cali...and then Spring, Summer just around the corner...when the weather is nice...rose's and white wines are so refreshing!! Wine enthusiasts have been excited about this $10 bottle of rose coming to Costco for a few reasons...I read some articles and blogs with one saying, "The day has finally come: Costco‘s much-hyped, highly anticipated rosé has arrived in stores, and shoppers are stoked"!! Well alright!!! I AM GETTING PUMPED NOW!!!'s Costco's new Kirkland Signature K Vine Rose...part of a collaboration between Costco's Kirkland Signature brand and winemakers K Vintners, which is owned by former rock band manager Charles Smith. I do love the hype around the fact that the new Rose has 'zero chemicals, no cultured yeasts and nothing coming from a laboratory'...AND a steal for $9.99!

The Costco Wine Blog, gave the rosé high marks, saying its "really juicy" and "loaded with red fruit flavor." Bring it on!! And be on the look for it, during your next Costco excursion!


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