Sassy Pics Of Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Modeling

She's baaaaaack!!

Madonna's first born, now 24 years old...daughter Lourdes 'Lola' Leon once again hard at work as a fashion model. Sorry if I'm out of the fashion loop and yes, wearing my 2020 pandemic yoga pants as I sit here and type this ;/ but I guess this has become her thing over the years and she is rocking it!

Lola has previously posed for a variety of campaigns including one for Juicy Couture AND even made her runway debut in 2018 for Gypsy Sport.

Oh sure...even if we think it was Mom who made a call, opened some doors...she's still GOT TO WORK IT! And you can see her moves and model pout as she dons the threads of Marc Jacob's for their Spring 2021 collection. In a press release, the fashion label shared that she 'perfectly encapsulates the youthful spirit and uncompromising sense of individuality central to this younger expression of the brand'.

GO GIRL. Just PLEASE tell Mr. Jacob's to NOT BRING BACK THE 'CONE BRA', thanks 🙂 

Thumbnail via Getty

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