Pam Anderson Does Live TV Interview With New Hubby From Bed!

Baywatch/Playboy star Pamela Anderson is known for her racy ways, but definitely caught some folks off guard when she appeared on live TV for an interview, from home with her new hubby - FROM BED! Its a UK show called 'Loose Women.' Oddly enough, the TV panelists happily rolled with the flow but comments on Twitter had viewers expressing ALL KINDS of things from "I'M SOO UNCOMFORTABLE" to “#LooseWomen Pamela Anderson is weird. Oh let’s just go on British national tv from my bed. Looks like we’re disturbing lol,” and then "Pamela Anderson doing an interview on #LooseWomen from her bed completely unprepared is peak 2021 energy." I personally thought it was "VERY PAM ANDERSON OF HER" ha to do it that way. She's unapologetically sexy and honestly, looks completely SMITTEN with this guy. Wait, who is he again? Yep,. hubby number 5, who's her bodyguard-turned-hubby-thanks-to-quarantine' Dan Hayhurst who she also said was the type of man she would have married if she’d not left home when she was younger. (Yes, they are both Vancouver natives). Hope this one lasts! Congrats girl!