Check Out The Video: Grandmother Tackles Purse Thief

'YOU'RE NOT TAKING MY PURSE'!!! While police wouldn't normally encourage going AFTER your attacker, it seemed to work perfectly in this lady's favor...minus some cuts, bruises and some cracked ribs ;/ Security video shows a grandmother in Queensland, Australia chasing after and then tackling the would-be purse snatcher outside a local tavern. She gets him in a headlock before she's able to grab her bag back, he struggles with his shirt over his head before jumping into his truck to flee in defeat. A bit banged up, she was victorious in getting her bag back AND learned later that the man was arrested on a robbery charge. KARMA IS A B! Next time...hide that purse or even better...use a smaller one when going out, that has a body strap :) Cheers to karma!