Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game Are A GO for New Year's Day 2022!

Exciting news Tournament of Roses officials just announced that they are 'actively planning for a RETURN of the annual Rose Parade AND Rose Bowl Game for Jan. 1, 2022'!!!!! Last year's events were cancelled due to Covid...and the football game moved to Texas. 

“As we move forward with our plans to bring hope and optimism to the world, public health and safety remain our top priority,” according to Tournament of Roses Association President Bob Miller. “The evolving nature of the pandemic requires flexibility, ongoing adjustments and mitigation measures to be incorporated into our planned activities. We expect to announce more specific details on the Rose Parade and associated events as they become available.”  The 2022 parade will use the same theme planned for last year, before it was cancelled: “Dream. Believe. Achieve.” But the theme will be expanded beyond its original focus on education to celebrate the perseverance of health care professionals, first responders and essential workers during the pandemic.

Pasadena...ARE YOU READY???!!! SO HAPPY!! 

Image via Getty

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