California Theme Parks, Stadiums, Outdoor Concerts Could Reopen April 1st!

Ok 'post-Covid hopefuls''s some more good news...'potentially'...I mean its ALL going to re-open at some point but the idea of some of our favorite, iconic spots 're-opening' just in time for a little bit of Spring and Summer fun would be FANTASTIC for moral at the very, grab your goes...

Health officials announced today, with many restrictions in place...certain outdoor activities in California COULD resume as soon as April 1st. Theme parks may open at 15% capacity when their respective counties enter the state's red tier designation, but would not include indoor rides AND would initially be open to California residents only. There would be time and capacity all sounds a bit complicated BUT, I'm beyond sure that lots of folks will be ready to take advantage of ANY CHANCE to safely visit their favorite places again (and then again, you can always just wait).

Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock said "We are encouraged that theme parks now have a path toward reopening this spring, getting thousands of people back to work and greatly helping neighboring businesses and our entire community. With responsible Disney safety protocols already implemented around the world, we can't wait to welcome our guests back and look forward to sharing an opening date soon." More reaction from parks and big venues coming soon as the 'restrictions' get ironed out, not to we know here in California...the pandemic phrases of 'can reopen', 'shouldn't reopen', 'may reopen' and 'won't reopen' are ALL on the table...I'm not grabbing my Snoopy sleeping bag to camp out in front of Knotts Berry Farm for the FULL PARK reopen juuuuuuuuuuust yet...but it IS ready folks...

Oh and ps...for all of my restaurant owner officials also maintained 'indoor dining will continue to be banned for the time being'...??? Small, controlled environments...with ALL regulations and restrictions in place?? Wow. ;/ 

Read more about what this means for stadiums and outdoor venues here:

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