Disney World Parks, Resorts FULLY BOOKED Through Spring Break

Hey Mouseketeers...in case you were hoping to get your Disney-FIX in Florida sometime for Spring Break...you're TOO LATE! Yes, we know travel is CHEAP and the weather will be nice and oh geeeez who doesn't want a change of scenery?? We get it! BUT, according to the Disney World parks website, looks like they are FULLY BOOKED through the thru March 19th. Many blogs are confirming that all these 'Spring Break' friendly dates...show that Park Pass reservations are 'unavailable' for all 4 major parks...the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios for both theme park guests and Disney resort guests.

The sell-out is NO surprise as parks are still operating at a smaller capacity...but its the 'flocking' to the Orlando/Miami area over all that is concerning...with THOUSANDS expected to head there to unwind, relax and party their 'you-know-whats' off.

The Mayor of Miami Beach appeared on CNN and expressed that he was 'very concerned' of another Covid spike because of it. Please be saaaaaaafe, wherever you may or may not be going...we're almost through this thing...HANG IN THERE! 

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