The Weeknd Announces How He Plans To Permanently Boycott The Grammys

Sore loser? OR is he doing this to truly try and put a spotlight on some actual 'corruption'...? Hmmm...just days ahead of the Recording Academy's 63rd Annual Grammy Award show this Sunday, artist The Weeknd announced that he will be boycotting the Grammy's FROM NOW ON. After being snubbed with zero nominations this year, he said 'because of the secret committees, I will no longer allow my record label to submit my music to the Grammys'. Yes, his album 'After Hours' has been one of the most popular of 2020 on the charts, on radio and streaming, you name it with continued success well into this year...his halftime performance during the Superbowl just last month gave him a worldwide stage in front of 96+ MILLION people, but love from the Recording Academy. BTW...the Grammy awards recognize recording artists and The Recording Academy’s members nominate these artists and then vote on the winner. Since the choice is left up to the academy, the results don’t necessarily align with public opinion OR the artist. What do you think of his decision to do this? Will you still watch this Sunday?