Tinder Helping You Do Background Checks On Your Dates


I hope ALL OTHER DATING APPS follow suit! Its a scary world out there and there are LOTS of scammers and bad people using dating apps to do some pretty terrible things. I used dating apps before meeting my current boyfriend...I used Tinder, Bumble and even Millionaire Match before (don't judge)! ha and ps 'Millionaire Match' was puuuuuuuure comedy as almost EVERY guy on there had ALL of the cliche pic's with his mansion, fancy sports car and tigers tigers tigers! But back to Tinder...ok, so they are adding a feature later on this year, that will allow its users to do a bit of a 'background check' on potentials suitors. The feature will let users view public records by checking their mobile number. They partnered with a company called Garbo, a background checking platform. The background check will include areas of reported a violence, abuse, arrests, convictions, restraining orders, harassment or other violent crimes...THIS IS GENIUS!!! In January of 2020, Tinder added a panic button feature that would store info about a date, including location data, and alert emergency services if the button was pressed. LOVE that too!! 

Ps, the company that owns Tinder, also owns PlentyOfFish, OkCupid and Hinge...so hopefully this safety feature will be added to those as well.

Stay safe and happy dating!! 

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