People In Taiwan Are Changing Their Name To 'Salmon' For Free Sushi ;0

'Anything for free food'?? ;/ How far WOULD you go, for FREE FOOD? After the Covid 19 year-from-hell folks have just suffered through, honestly...I feel my answer is less judgmental this time around because LOTS of people are BROKE and HUNGRY. If you LOVE SUSHI, this is a silly yet affective way to get what you want. Reports say at least 100 people in Taiwan have registered to change their name to 'Salmon' for a restaurant promotion that would get them and up to 5 guests FREE SUSHI. Sadly, I was doing my research WHILE writing this blog...its just for ONE MEAL...ONE! If it was for at least a month...'Salmon Foxx' was sounding better by the second...but ONE MEAL?? Ok, now I'm getting judgy ;/ The promotion is being put on by a popular sushi restaurant chain called Sushiro. According to the country's Name Act, people are entitled to do so just three times, meaning in theory someone could end up stuck with the name...if they had ALREADY DONE IT for other restaurants?? ok...would YOU CHANGE YOUR NAME...FOR ONE FREE SUSHI MEAL (You +5 guests) WOULD YOU DO IT??? 

Source: CNN