Get Paid Thousands To Do A Digital Detox Challenge!

I don't know about you...but BOY DO MY EYES HURT from TOO MUCH SCREEN TIME! Mostly my screen time is from the work I do on my phone, THEN its screen time on our computers at work...+ TV screen time once at home. I mean are we addicted, sucked in or feel the pressure to stay up with EVERYTHING that's going on? Constant posting on social media? Maybe posting on social media is part of your job (its a BIG part of mine now) AND its how so many of us stay connected. But are we 'TOO CONNECTED'? Its even 'worse' now after the pandemic, with the kiddos homeschooling via screens all day vs in-person learning, everyone Zooming like crazy, face-timing with friends and family since we're not supposed to meet up in person etc. MOST of us have been spending MORE TIME on 'screens' now than here's an incentive to cut back...MONEY! 

Can you ditch ALL SCREENS for 24 hours to make a good $2,400?? A company test home services and products), they are holding a 24-hour 'DIGITAL DETOX CHALLENGE' God bless them!! And 'winners' will get PAID nicely if they play along (ps my eyeballs are salivating at this already)🙂 These guys are SERIOUS!! You will have to STORE YOUR ELECTRONICS in a safe, they send you (yes, your phones, keyboards, smartwatches, smart devices for home etc). You'll need to utilize your 'tech-free survival kit' they send you and soooooo much more! So get on it!! You have only until March 26th to submit your 100-word question/essay...I'm SO DOWN for a day of drinking and hiking and sleeeeeeping oh my!! I MEEEEEEEAN noooooooo...reading...hiking, chanting, journaling bla bla haa's the link...I say we all do this challenge for FREE!! (but shhh...don't tell these guys that!) APPLY HERE: