New Candles Will Make Your House Smell Like A Dive Bar

Oh how I miss the pre-Covid days of DIVE BARS! No, really...I miss sports bars, dive bars, Irish pubs...ALL OF THEM! So, THANK YOUMILLER LITE FOR GETTING ME! I mean US!! ha YES, one of our favorite beers, Miller Lite is helping to 'ease of pain' and recreating those oh so 'special smells and scents' of our favorite bars we've been forced to miss during the pandemic. Bar Smells is their new limited edition set of candles that will offer us at least 3 ways of 'celebrating' our old favorite hangs, from the comfort of home. 

Dive Bar is said to have a 'musky-tobacco-pine+yeast' scent 🤢

Game Day Bar candle will smell more like 'salted peanuts-jalapeno+cracked leather' 😲

Beer Garden will smell more like 'green moss-warm pretzel+cracked wood & sunburn' 🤮

Hmmm...not sure WHICH if ANY I'll be adding to my on-line shopping list BUT I am encouraged by the fact that these Bar Smell candles will also GIVE BACK. Proceeds are going to the hospitality industry and benefitting theUS Bartender's Guild Foundation. And boy do we know our restaurant friends were HIT HARD this past year, with so many not even making it back to life at all ☹☹☹

Pre-order your scents now Cheers!🙂 

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