Office Depot, Staples Will Laminate Your Vaccination Card For Free

Well, since it seems I will be in the last group eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccination, I haven't seen one up close yet, but I've seen plenty of folks happily posting their 'official vaccination cards' on social media once they get their shot or shots...even though posting sensitive info is NOT advised. Now Staples and Office Depot stores are offering to laminate cards across the country, free of charge. Staples will do so through this week and then Office Depot until the end of July. Its a card that may need to be shown in the coming months or just moving forward, for everything from boarding a plane, entering a school, attending an event or visiting someone at a hospital etc. We're not exactly sure where we may need to show these cards, so either way, best to keep it clean and stain proof. Several comments following the twitter post from Office Depot suggest getting only a COPY of your vaccination card laminated OR to use a plastic sleeve instead, as more things may need to be added to it in the months maybe even years to come. Also, I checked EVERYWHERE online and couldn't find one post from Staples confirming this, so please call the store before you stop by.