Cauliflower-Flavored PEEPS Are Now A Thing??

OhhhhhhhPEEPS, you're killing me with all these new wacky collaborations. Just a few blogs ago, I was shaking my head at the announcement of the newPEEPS 'Marshmallow Flavored' Pepsi Soda😲 I thought THAT was weird, NOPE! This PEEPS partnership with Green Giant I think TOPS that! Both companies tweeted back and forth to get a buzz on social media going and the result? The reveal of the new'PEEPS Green Giant Cauliflower Flavored Bunnies'??!! AKA #CauliflowerPeeps ??!!!! I mean I'm down for the idea of 'healthier PEEP' options but Cauliflower-flavored?? Does it even have an ACTUAL 'FLAVOR'? That's the veggie we have to DIP into DIPS or deep fry to make it taste good ;/ The further I kept digging around online to find out ANYTHING ELSE...I found it to be VERY SUSPICIOUS that according to food bloggerJunkfoodonthego #CauliflowerPEEPS 'will be available this Thursday'...THURSDAY AS IN APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!???? Hmmmmm...OK...WE SHALL SEEEEEEEE!!! ;/

Source: Local 10 News Miami.

Several food bloggers received ACTUAL PACKAGES???!!