Dodgers Single-Game Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow!

Southern California die-hard baseball fans got the news that DODGERS and Angels fans had been waiting for weeks ago...that WE COULD INDEED RETURN IN PERSON THIS SEASON!!! Yes, with a much smaller capacity and a whole bunch of new rules, but who cares?? WE just wanna BE THERE!! Angels fans are enjoying their home opener today in Orange County, with the Dodgers IN Colorado, taking on the Rockies. Dodger fans have been anxiously awaiting ticket details for our home games and we got the email, filled with good news...TICKETS GO ON SALE TOMORROW! Be ready to check out the 'ticket buying frenzy' starting at 10am tomorrow, Friday April 2nd...aside from Opening Day (which was a separate lottery thing that already was decided) for the month of April home games, will be made available. If I start clicking and find NOTHING affordable...I will be BEYOND UPSET if a bunch a TICKET BROKERS get a ton of tickets to UP SELL to us die-hards ;/ Let's click, look and seeeeeeeeee...either a fan since the 90's...I know I will CRY my first home game back AT Dodger Stadium...especially since I fell in love with my guy, a friend-turned-to-more during Covid, during the playoffs-World Series last year 😘😊😊 Eric or #palisadeseric as I call him on social media ha silly...but it will be a BIG, EMOTIONAL see our World CHAMPS IN PERSON!!!! TOGETHER AT DODGER STADIUM!!!! Ok...I better stop or I'm gonna keep typing IN CAPS!!! 😁😅💕

In the meantime...excited to CHEER OUR BOYS IN BLUE ON while they're on the road...yes, you can WATCH games on both ESPN & Sports Net LA...and you can catch ALL THE ACTION, every game play on the RADIO...our sister station - AM 570 LA Sports🙂 Hope to see you at Dodger Stadium sooooooooooooooon🙂 GO DODGERS!! TICKETS AND DETAILS AT