Details On The BLING On The Dodgers' New Championship Rings

What a GLORIOUS DAY for Dodgers players and fans...BACK TOGETHER IN PERSON for the first time in over a YEAR, at our beloved Dodger Stadium. Today's 2021 Dodger's season home opener marked many special and emotional moments, ESPECIALLY the World Championship ring ceremony 😭😭😭 I heard on the news, aside from Dodger's manager Dave Roberts, that NO ONE was allowed 'advanced sneak peaks' of the stunning diamond and sapphires incrusted rings and WOW!! WORTH THE WAIT!!! Look at the pics and video's posted below by the Dodgers, our sister station AM 570 LA Sports, fans and more! Designed and crafted by Jostens, the Dodger's 2020 World Champ rings include about 222 round diamonds, 10 princess-cut diamonds,45 custom-cut and eight round genuine sapphires and more!! And ohhhh the details...

According to the LA Times...more scoop about the rings includes29 diamonds — that symbolize the number of home runs the Dodgers hit in the Texas bubble — those fill the interior of the baseball diamond. Another 16 sapphires and a halo of 44 diamonds surround the logo and the baseball diamond. Cascading down the sides of the ring top are 96 diamonds, with the top and bottom edges of the ring top accented by six princess-cut diamonds set in pennants, honoring the team’s six previous World Series tiles. A combined 12 princess-cut sapphires — six on each edge of the ring top — represent the 12 homers the Dodgers hit in the World Series against the Rays. The left side of the ring features the recipient’s last name in block letters above his uniform number set in diamonds, the logo the team adopted when it moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958 — with a blue “Dodgers” in cursive lettering and a red-and-white ball depicted in flight — and Major League Baseball’s logo. The trophy is flanked by the year “2020,” set with 36 diamonds and underlined by eight round sapphires, one for each of the team’s eight straight NL West titles, and, in a salute to the team’s Southern California home, a pair of palm trees. The inside of the ring is personalized with the player’s signature, a blue enamel “LA” logo and logos from the teams the Dodgers vanquished in the playoffs: the Brewers (2-0), Padres (3-0), the Braves (4-3) and Rays (4-2). The “LA” logo also adorns the exterior palm

The boxes each ring came in are extra special too. They feature a personalized nameplate, a rotating ring platform that spins when the box is opened and an interior light to showcase the ring. The box also has an interior LCD screen that plays a four-minute Dodgers 2020 season highlight video, complete with music and sound, each time the box is opened...LIKE WHAT???!!!! The players must be on CLOUD 9 ALLLLLL OVER AGAIN! As are us fans, being able to SHARE THIS MOMENT WITH THEM IN PERSON...FINALLY!!! And a DODGER GAME WIN 1-0 over the Nationals made it even sweeeeeter!!! 

Source: Los Angeles Times

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