After More Than A Year, Staples Center Will Open To Fans Starting Thursday!

Wow...its all happening!! As we continue to climb our way OUT of the pandemic, back to something 'sorta-kinda' resembling our lives pre-Covid...the 'reopening' of major venues all over Southern California is a positive sign that we are, indeed moving forward! Starting this Thursday, Lakers,Clippers & LA Kings fans will be officially allowed BACK INSIDE Staples Center IN PERSON!!! 1st up, this Thursday's Laker's game vs the Boston Celtics and boy I bet it will be JOYFULLY LOOOOOOOOOOOUD!!! There will be about 2,000 fans aloud to attend, to maintain limited capacity compliance, and that number will probably change/increase as the weeks progress and no new negative issues arise. Whatever game you may plan to attend and dare I say 'concert' (yes, there are a few of those on the schedule too), DO take note, of the new health and safety guidelines as there are LOTS of changes. 

First and foremost, Staples Center is requiring proof of health verification for anyone with tickets for the specific game. The verification includes showing a photo I.D. and one of either a proof of full vaccination— which occurs two weeks after your final dose —or a negative coronavirus (COVID-19) test result within 72 hours of when the event is scheduled.

Staples Center will be requiring the 'new normal', in terms of mandatory masks, social-distancing, going cash-less, encouragement to use new sanitizing stations, etc. Food must now be ordered differently, via your mobile device. You'll order, get a text back when its ready...then you'll head to the pickup location to receive your food and consume it at a designated eating area located in the building, but not at your seat. No food or beverages are allowed in the seating area. OMG EAT BEFORE YA'LL...this is getting complicated 😲🤔

Oh and LADIES...NO BAGS OR PURSES...AT ALL! ;0 No backpacks, clutches, totes or CLEAR BAGS??!! OR camera bags but I guess wallets with chains or straps are permitted (that's the cue to breathe cuuuuuz I can't fit all my make up in that) 😲😲😲

PS...if you're gonna go through ALL this to see you favorite teams, PLEASE NOTE that the Lakers will unveil their championship banner won during the Orlando bubble...ON MAY 12th!!THAT will be an EPIC date to go👍😁✌When they play the Houston Rockets...WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!! I hope they wear their Mamba jerseys that night too 🙏🙏🙏

OK...CHECK THE RULES and the Staples Center website for ALL THE NEW RULES so you don't get turned away or get all mad and cause some drama...this is supposed to be GOOOOOD!! SO GO, BUCK UP...AND ENJOY!!!!!! 

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