New Ride Lets Your 'Fly Over' The Grand Canyon, From the Vegas Strip!

A FANTASTIC EXCUSE to force yourself OUT of the house to help cure those 'post-Covid-blues' EPIC NEW RIDE that will help you travel over and thru the natural wonders of the world...WITHOUT LEAVING the Las Vegas strip! Their website says "modeled after their highly successful attractions in Canada and Iceland...this will be the first ride of its kind in Vegas". 

Think Soarin' from Disney California Adventure, but WAY MORE GUTSY! The FlyOVer 'ride' is a NEXT LEVEL experience that will have us 'flyin over' the likes of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Tahoe and other national wonders all while strapped in a rollercoaster like seat that is moving and grooving and swaying over and around all the excitement! FlyOver will feature special effects like wind, mist and location-specific scents as guests hang suspended with their feet dangling above the incredible sights! 

The attraction is taking over a huge space, across from Park MGM, next to the Hard Rock Cafe. It will contain 2 flight-ride theaters that will accommodate about 46 riders per showing, plus pre-show entertainment AND a full service bar! No exact opening date was given, but sounds like soon and we are READY!! 

Image via Getty

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