Gerber Baby Is Looking For Their Next Superstar!

Startin' them YOUNG are ya?? Ha WHY NOT! If you've got an adorable little cutie on your hands, NO ONE will begrudge you for capitalizing on that and wanting to get that college fund started already! Especially with everyone coming off this horrible pandemic...I'm sure if you had your baby during or even just after such a tough time...this could be seen as 'A SIGN', if your super special kid, could also bring in some BANK! Gerber is looking for their next 'Spokesbaby' or 'Chief Growing Officer' if you will.

Get that camera out NOW, because the baby that wins their 2021 Photo Search Contest, will get the opportunity to be featured in Gerber's marketing efforts for the year, a $25,000 cash prize AND a ton of Gerber baby products.

Applicants MUST be between 0 and 48 months old AND you must apply BY MAY 10th! The winning 2021 Gerber Spokesbaby will also hold an honorary role on Gerber's Executive Mom, Dad...HOP ON IT!!! And good luck!🙂 


Image via Getty

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