90's Favorite, Trix Yogurt Is Baaaaack!

Talk about a blast from the past to make folks SMILE! Just hearing the NAME, the WORD 'TRIX' is nostalgic for so many of us 90's 'kids'...because 'Trix IS for kids'!! As the rabbit aka Trix mascot EXCLAIMED in the commercials for the very popular sugary puff cereal back in the day! Here it comes, again, as a tasty yogurt! Sure, it took Yoplait 5 loooong years to get it together haaa...but Trix Yogurt is hitting store shelves this month and I'm not asking ANYTHING about what's in it OR how many calories each cup may contain ;0 Available in strawberry AND berry for only $4 per package...look for it at Walmart and SuperValu stores aaaaand ENJOY!!!! 

Source: Delish