Iowa Man Takes Cow To Dairy Queen

It's pretty common to take your pets along for a ride, especially if you're out and about running errands and getting food. Some fast food places are known for their specialty items for pets, especially dogs. You can get a "puppuccino" at some coffee places, but have you ever taken a cow to Dairy Queen? It seems super random, but if you can, why not?! Well, one man in Iowa did just that! Mason Corkery of Jesup, Iowa loaded his calf, Gucci, in the back seat of his pickup truck and headed to Dairy Queen. He posted a video of himself and Gucci ordering a "pup cup" for the road on TikTok. In the video, the 7-month-old calf is seen giving Corkery licks while waiting in the drive-thru line before happily lapping it up on the ride home. The video has had over 5 million views and 1 million likes in just the last few days! Gucci lives on Corkery's family farm after the farmer met him while working at Hook Stock Farms. The calf was born prematurely, so Corkery took special care of him and the pair developed a special bond. Since the Dairy Queen video, the two have made appearances on "Good Morning America," CBS News, and other news outlets to share their unique story. Corkery wants to use his and Gucci's sudden fame to promote local farmers.

Source: USA Today