Extra Treats To Look For At Dodgers Re-Opening Day Tues. June 15!

Where will YOU be Tuesday, when restrictions are lifted and the state of California officially 'RE-OPENS'? Some of us crazy baseball fans will be AT DODGER STADIUM! ;0 I know...WHAT WERE WE THINKING?

For the first time in over 20 months, our beloved Dodger Stadium will be allowed to go back to FULL CAPACITY!! Honestly, as a long time Dodger die-hard, I was MOSTLY grateful, just to see the ticket prices go back to 'pre-Covid' prices...THANK YOU🙂 AND we couldn't miss Justin Turner Bobblehead night!

Bobbleheads available to the first 25,000 fans btw (not quite at 40,000 like the old days yet)...I imagine parking and traffic to be BACK to pre-Covid insanity as well, but a few other FUN treats to look forward to, that I found on twitter...

Don't forget!! If you get vaccinated AT a Dodger game, at their new mobile clinic, you will get a voucher for a FREE PAIR of tickets to an upcoming game! Details here: https://ihr.fm/3cHyP9o

Get more of my Dodgers pics from over the past 3 decades here: https://bit.ly/3xkp8FD

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