Grammy Award Winning Songwriter Diane Warren Saves Escaped Cow!

I LOVE ANIMAL LOVERS!! And yes, this story hits home to me personally, because I stopped eating meat almost 5 years ago (although I still eat seafood from time to time) ;0 DONE with animal products as much as I can, in beauty products, in clothing, in food...doing my part to be kind, lessen my carbon footprint as the mass killing of these animals is unnecessary and arguably very bad for the environment. 

Then, crazy to see on the news the other night a 'STAMPEDE OF COWS, RACING THROUGH THE STREETS OF PICO RIVERA'!! Yep, about 40 cows somehow, escaped the nearby Manning Beef slaughterhouse ;/ RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES! Many of us cheered while watching on TV...'LET THEM GO!! LET THEM LIVE AT A SANCUARY SOMEWHERE'!! Sadly, most were recaptured and returned to what will soon be on our grocery store shelves ;/ ALL EXCEPT ONE...ONE COW that had evaded capture was found eating grass in a field in South El Monte. Watching them try to recapture that one on the news made me cry...we once again cheered 'LET IT GO'!!! 'JUST LET IT GO'!! And thanks to Grammy Award winning songwriter and BIG TIME animal lover Diane Warren, the cow WAS SAVED!! SHE DID IT!! She took action, made calls and SAVED THAT COW!! 

At a news conference earlier today, officials said Diane -- who is an animal advocate and previously helped save other animals -- is helping to facilitate efforts to have the last cow sent to the Farm Sanctuary in Acton, where it will live out the rest of its life 😊😊😊The cow will undergo a health examination and then be released to the city of Pico Rivera, who along with Warren will get the cow to its NEW HOME!!! GOD BLESS YOU DIANE!!! Follow her and the sanctuary on Instagram for updates if you'd like 😊🙌🐄🐮

Video Courtesy of ABC7.

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