Mask Mandate In Place Again For Parts Of Dodger Stadium

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Yes, we go again🙁 I'm unhappy typing that, but it is, what it is...the 2nd 'wave' is happening ;/ I know we all DONT want to 'go backwards' after all that has happened with Covid, so...let's hope a new mask mandate or reimplementing an old one, WILL HELP in slowing this new deadly Delta variant. Reports say the LA County mask mandate WILL APPLY to certain areas at Dodger Stadium starting TODAY'S GAME...

Anyone 2 years and older who attends games will be required to wear a mask or face covering while in covered stadium concourses and at concession stands, in accordance with the county's Department of Public Health order.

However, those who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear a face covering while in their ticketed seats.

Don't forget, the Dodgers will hold another mobile coronavirus vaccination clinic during their seven-game homestand, which runs through Sunday. ***IF you have NOT been vacinated yet...ticket holders receiving their vaccine ON SITE at a game, will receive a voucher for two tickets to a future 2021 home game while supplies last.

The new face mask mandatewent into effect in Los Angeles County at 11:59 p.m. Saturday. It requires everyone to wear masks in indoor public spaces regardless of their vaccination status. Lets do our part and truly get this thing OVER WITH! If my part includes getting the vax AND wearing a mask again, in certain situations...fiiiiiiiine! Done!🙂

Thank you ABC 7 for help with this story. 

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