Jim Beam Wants To Deliver Special Whiskey's To Your House!

Photo: Nicholas Hunt

With fall just around the corner, who's ready for some delicious whiskey drinks by the fire?? Oh and not just ANY whiskey...we're talking Jim Beam! They're launching a new 'Barreled & Boxed' subscription service, that will have them shipping premium and hard-to-find whiskeys to those who are able to snatch up these LIMITED memberships, that 500 memberships total! According to 'Delish'...the subscription service is set to ship "two very rare blended American Whiskeys" right to your door every season. Each of the small batch whiskeys also comes with a "behind the barrel look" that includes information about their origin as well as accompanying live virtual tasting events. That's not all, though. Members will also have access to complimentary tours of the newly renovated Kentucky distillery and be able to attend special VIP events with a guest. VERY COOL.

Box #1---is set to arrive to members in September and is priced at $270—will include Little Book Chapter 1: The Easy (Limited Rebottling) and Little Book Chapter 5: The Invitation. 

Box #2---- however, will be released at some point during the winter and promises to deliver "two rare finds" right in time for the holiday season for an estimated price of $210.

Membership sign-ups began on August 25 and are already going fast! And are only available to those in areas the distillery is able to ship to currently. You can find out if you're eligible by filling out the Boxed & Barreled sign up form. And if you're not in the right state or area for delivery for the special membership...here's the link to what JB products you can have delivered via gooooood 'ol fashion Amazon! https://amzn.to/3zv8nch Cheers!! 

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