You Can Earn $30 Today Only For Shopping On Amazon!

Well, if you were gonna shop on Amazon ANYWAYS...why not score some 'side cash' for doing so?? Amazon has a cool limited-time offer for SELECT mobile app shoppers today and TODAY, August 31st only.

Do you shop from their mobile app? You'll need to be an Amazon app shopper to start with...eligible Amazon customers can claim $15 off their next qualifying order of $25 or more just by signing into the Amazon app TODAY. Then, after 24 hours, you can come back and claim another $15 coupon, totaling $30 off. 

Now, according to Amazon, it must be your first time signing in and making a purchase in the app, but we are hearing plenty of stories from folks who are frequent users, who were indeed able to claim that $15 credit. Even if you've shopped in the app before,it's worth LOGGING ON to see if you can claim the credit, right?Keep in mind you MUST do all of this before midnight 2night!

According to Amazon, you can use the credit on orders of $25 or more that include products sold directly by; third-party sellers don't qualify. You also can't spend it on digital content or Amazon gift cards. You can, however, spend the credit on preorders. If you're able to claim the $15 credit, be sure to come back tomorrow and claim the second $15 coupon, which you can use on another $25+ purchase. I think its worth a try atleast, RIGHT?? Thank you CNET for help with this story...good luck shoppers 😁🙏😎

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