New Doge Chicken Restaurant In LA, Will Let You Pay With Dogecoin!

Photo: Getty Images

If you love food and are into all of these 'cryptocurrency,' you're gonna love this...A new ghost kitchen called Doge Chicken Restaurant, in Los Angeles, is the latest company to take advantage of a large following of people interested in Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE). Not only will it offer Doge Chicken Sandwiches, Doge Chicken Tenders and Doge Fries plus other goodies but you will be able to PAY FOR IT, with yep Dogecoin !

They are also exploring offering discounts for customers that pay using Dogecoin too.

Doge Chicken Restaurant is located at3212 E. Olympic Blvd in Los Angeles and is open from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. each day. Customers can order takeout and delivery from the restaurant which promises “deliciousness in a sandwich.” The company plans to sell its Moon Sauce online, with Dogecoin the only form of payment accepted. And, with the money raised through Moon Sauce, the company is exploring launching an NFT project, says Benzinga. The Doge Chicken Restaurant concept was launched by a team of four from the Bay Area who said they were lucky enough to get into Dogecoin early and secured a lot of funding for the restaurant through Dogecoin. Will you try this new place and use your Dogecoins ?? Thank you Benzinga for the scoop on this great new spot 😊👍

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