Bud Light Getting Ready To Launch 1st Ever Carb-Free Beer!

Photo: Getty Images

It's the main reason I stay away from beer, the BLOATING! The bloated, gas-y feeling one can get from too much beer. All the calories and carbs after too many beers, can easily contribute to having a niiiiiice little 'beer belly' BUT Anheuser-Busch wants to change that. The owners of Bud Light told CNN Business that they'll soon be launching Bud Light Next, the FIRST EVER, ZERO-CARB BEER! 

According to the company, a 12-ounce serving of Bud Light Next is 4 percent alcohol-by-volume and just 80 calories, 30 fewer calories than a Bud Light, but boasting a similar amount of alcohol-by-volume. The biggest difference is that while Bud Light has 6.6 grams of carbs in a 12-ounce serving, Bud Light Next has zero...that's ZERO!!! Exciting!!! But how will it taste?? Andy Goeler, VP of marketing for Bud Light, told CNN that the taste of the zero-carb beer is "light, refreshing and clean," with a hint of citrus. The beer will be sold in 6 or 12-packs of bottles or cans, and cost a bit more than Bud Light. 

Bud Light Next is a culmination of almost a decade of work and approximately 130 prototypes. Can't wait to try it out, when BLN hits stores in early 2022! (Thank you CNN & Bestlife for help with this story) 🙂 

Are you excited about ZERO CARB BEER? Will you pay a little more just to try it?

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