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Disney Fans Can Spend The Night At The Haunted Mansion!

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Just in time for Halloween...Disney fans can now stay at a 'recreation' of Disney's the Haunted Mansion. Jeffrey, a die-hard Disney enthusiast in Orange County, CA, has transformed his 4 bedroom, 2 bath home INTO an absolute 'look-a-like' of the famed Disney attraction and you can stay the night there ala Airbnb! His Airbnb page says: 

'Leave the world of the living behind and cross over (at least for a few nights) to this ghoulishly delightful Haunted Mansion inspired and frightfully immersive retreat. You and your…loved ones, will encounter a plethora of HM replicas, ghostly illusions, and sights and sounds that will make you feel that you are truly spending the night in Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

While staying at our humble abode you may experience strange and frightening sounds echoing in the halls while you sleep. But don’t worry, that is merely a sign that ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight! This interactive haunted dwelling does contain lighthearted elements of illusion, sights, and sounds that occur throughout your entire stay. These elements yet fun and part of the experience are able to be turned off remotely at any time upon request by the homeowner.

Enter into the game room chamber with no windows and no doors. Taking a seat in the middle of the Streching Room-inspired game room, you and your guests can enjoy the commodities of TV while the stretching portraits spy on your Uno cards!' 

Sooooooo fun right??!! Looking at the beyond impressive pics...everything will look familiar...from the famous wallpaper draping the hallways to the breathing doors’ impressive craftsmanship on some of the bedroom doors is just too cool!! All that AND you can also enjoy the private hot tub located in the backyard while you watch your favorite Disney movie outside.

Nightly rates start at $679/night...who's in?? Check out the super cool pics of Jeff's place and start texting your friends to see who's down to brave a fun night there!

Click here:

Please include the video of the ride...thank u 🙂 

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