Taco Bell Selling A $10 Monthly Taco Subscription That We All Need!

Taco Bell Menu Items, Headquarters And Restaurant Shoot

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Taco Bell lovers get ready!! Talk about getting an incredible 'bang for your buck' AND belly! Taco Bell is rolling out a new $10 monthly subscription service on their app, and they are kickin' it off will a special pass, that will get you FREE TACOS DAILY...FOR A WHOLE MONTH!! And with a basic taco priced at around $1.49, you will BREAK EVEN in like 7 visits!! That means truly...23 FREEE TACOS BABY! Luv it.

Yep!! When you sign up, you'll get the 'Taco Lover's Pass', good for one taco per day for 30 consecutive days. And you can chose from a soft taco, spicy potato soft taco, crunchy tacos and their Doritos tacos. Once a customer subscribes to it, a special section within the app is unlocked and customers can add a taco to their cart during the checkout process...love it! I'm craving one now just typing this!

Taco Bell tested the program in September 2021 in Tucson, Arizona. The Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme was the most redeemed taco🙂

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