Limited Edition 'Batman' Oreo Cookies Are Happening!


Photo: Getty Images

New year, new you?? If you too, have been doing your best, to ONLY EAT COOKIES, when there's an uh...'special occasion'...God bless you, ME TOO!! So don't hate me, for telling you about a 'special occasion' that will REQUIRE US TO ENJOY SOME DELICIOUS OREO COOKIES!! Looks like the fine folks behind the latest Batman movie The Batman, starring Edward Cullen...I MEEEEEEEEAN Robert Pattinson-sorry! (I will ALWAYS see him as my beloved Edward, don't judge!) ha! After many pushbacks thanks to Covid, looks like the R Patz version of Batman is FINALLY set to come out in theaters March 4 and Oreo is clearly JUST AS EXCITED AS WE ARE!! 

Sadly, according to HYPEBEAST...the limited-edition cookies will only be offered in international markets including Canada, Europe, and Australia. The U.S. is notably excluded but will be offering other The Batman merch including Funko Pops, figures, a House of Sillage perfume, and apparel. The full DC Comics press release can be found here.

And check out this video teaserrrrrrr! 

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