Get The New Star Wars Candle Collection In Time For Star Wars Day!

Great news as DIE HARD Star Wars fans prep for our big 'holiday'...a new Star Wars themed candle set will be ready in time for May the 4th (BE WITH YOU)!!! Fragrance brand Homesick has stuck a multi-year deal with Lucasfilm to create candles for our beloved May 4th and they look like they're going to smell really cool!! Their new 'saga of scents' are getting snatched up online as we hurry!! The collection features 3 scents, inspired by the 3 original films...

Tatooine (home of Luke and Anakin Skywalker), 

Endor (home to the Ewoks) 

The Death Star (home to the bad guys!) 

Prices are around $44 dollars for the collection AND just $12 for a 'Baby Yoda' aka Grogu car freshener! 

According to Adweek,  fans will find “notes” such as Manak leaves and Ganga sap among the woodsy, green and smoky combinations listed on the packaging—winks to the locations each ingredient is native to in the Star Wars ecosystem. The outer packaging boasts artwork depicting memorable scenes from the locations each scent represents, with additional artwork included on a dual-sided label—a first for the brand—that has a special reveal as the candle burns. 

Learn more about the brand and get ready to get your candles here:

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