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'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Halloween Town LEGO Set Coming Soon

Hey Nightmare Before Christmas fans...If you're into LEGO, a LEGO set inspired by Halloween Town from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" may be coming soon. A design was submitted through LEGO Ideas by Simon Scott. It’s an updated version of a design that was originally submitted in 2021. At that time, it had the necessary 10,000 votes but was not approved for production. Scott has since displayed the set at several U.K. LEGO shows.

Here is how Scott describes the build:

"In the center of the build as before is the haphazard house of Jack Skellington – the main character in the movie. Approximately one third higher than its predecessor with more external detailing it can also be spun round 360 degrees to reveal 3 small internal rooms. There is a living room with armchair and fireplace. An attic bedroom holding Jack’s bed and a room where Jack has created his own interpretation of Christmas with a Halloween twist.

On the right is the gothic Town Square complete with a newly added Town Hall along with an updated fountain. The trick or treaters Lock, Shock & Barrel can be found here with another new addition depicting Santa being kidnapped and transported in their walking bathtub.

To the left of the build an updated Spiral Hill can be found – still set within the town’s graveyard. It now is also home to Jack’s Ghostly dog – Zero and his kennel tomb. Dr Finkelstein can be seen wondering [SIC] the graves here whilst Jack & Sally join each other on top of the hill to recreate one of the film’s most recognisably [SIC] scenes.

Another added feature of the build also has the inclusion of Jack masquerading as Sandy Claws along with his coffin themed sleigh and skeletal Reindeer. These can be placed on top of the new Town Hall as Jack tries to add that touch of Christmas to Halloween Town."

The set includes approximately 2,000 pieces and these 8 minifigures: Jack Skellington, Sally, Dr. Finkelstein, Lock, Shock, Barrel, Santa Claus, and Jack as Sandy Claws.

The final design, pricing, and release date are still being worked out by LEGO.

Will you run out to a toy store or LEGO Store to buy one of these?

Thank you WDWNT for the info!

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