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Learn CPR & Life Saving Tips With Firefighter Tony Wren

CPR, Life Saving Training & Emergency Preparedness With Fire Captain-Paramedic Tony Wren


Nearly 80 %of cardiac arrests occur at home, work and during recreational is important for our community to have the knowledge and skills to act quickly and confidently in an emergency. ln the event of a major disaster, it can take up to 72-hours or longer for professional rescuers to arrive and render the appropriate support and care needed. Be trained and prepared to aid a loved one, co-worker or community member by helping them survive until professional help arrives. Let me bring my services to you at your business or home. Lifeline Rescue is owned and operated by firefighter-paramedic, Anthony Wren. After experiencing years of actual field experience in emergent and life threatening scenarios, my training is dynamic and interesting. My training will make you a confident Community Rescuer. Training includes adult/child/infant CPR & choking, first-aid, automated external defibrillator(AED), blood borne pathogens awareness, bleeding control, rescuer stress management, scene safety and emergency awareness. All current American Heart Guidelines are provided, as well as a 2-year certification card given the same day of training. Additionalservices provided include emergency preparedness and disaster supplies.

I look forward to making you a "Community Rescuer" at my next class. For additional information or to schedule a class, please contact me at (760) 588-5082 or

Tony Wren

Owner/Instructor Lifeline Rescue- Firefighter/Paramedic

Location: Greater San Diego AreaIndustry: Public Safety


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