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Helping The Blind And Visually Impaired At The Braille Institute

Who is Braille Institute?

Braille Institute is a non-profit organization offering a broad range of free programs, classes and services serving thousands of students of all ages to empower themselves to live more enriching lives with blindness and vision loss. We serve the community from six centers and 220 community outreach locations throughout Southern California, and lead popular national programs like Braille Challenge and Cane Quest. Our staff and volunteers understand losing your vision can be scary, and we believe it is not the end of independence, but a new way of living.

Who does Braille Institute serve?

We serve people of all ages who have a visual impairment. This means we help families with babies who are born with conditions affecting their sight and we work with seniors who have developed eye conditions like Macular Degeneration, Cataracts or Glaucoma.

Do I need to be totally blind to receive your services?

No. Nearly 90% of Braille Institute students and patrons have some remaining vision. While some of our students are totally blind, anyone who has vision loss that is not corrected by glasses and is affecting their daily living activities (like reading, cooking, driving) can contact us about our free programs and services.

How much does it cost to get services from Braille Institute?

Programs and services from Braille Institute are entirely free of charge to everyone, thanks to the support of our generous donors.

Do I need insurance to use Braille Institute services?

No, because all of our programs are free you do not need insurance to use Braille Institute services.

Do you offer programs in languages other than English?

Yes! Oursix centersoffer programs in Spanish as well as English. Also, our Los Angeles Center has an active program for people who read American Sign Language. For more information on Spanish language programs and services, call or visit the center closest to you.

I just started losing my vision, how can Braille Institute help?

If you are newly experiencing vision loss, you’ve come to the right place. Braille Institute offers a broad range of free programs and services at our 6 centers and hundreds of community locations in Southern California. Our programs include:

  • Adult Programs like one-on-one consultations and small group classes to help adults with little-to-no vision build practical living skills and gain or regain independence.
  • Youth Programsincluding weekend classes, a music program, and our popular nationwide events like Braille Challenge and Cane Quest.
  • Child Development Programs to help families develop early intervention plans to address their child’s specific development needs.
  • Library Services with free access to digital book machines and downloadable ebooks, as well as book clubs, special youth collections, and a Telephone Reader Program where patrons can listen to publications in both English and Spanish.

What classes are offered at each of your centers?

Braille Institute offers hundreds of exciting classes centered around daily living as well as arts and healthy living options. Some of our most popular classes include cooking and kitchen orientation and mobility as well our music classes. Please visit the webpage of the regional center near you for class schedules.

Thanks to my guest Braille Institute President Peter Mindich...find out about their BRAND NEW Braille Institute that opened in Anaheim'

Kicking off our Centennial year, the ribbon cutting for our new center will be held on February 28 at 1:30PM and is open to the public. There will be tours and demonstrations in the classrooms, such as cooking, from our visually impaired students and instructors.

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