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The Men's Groomer: Helping The Homeless One Haircut At A Time

Founder Jason Schneidman, celebrity stylist and owner of THE MENS GROOMER, & The Men's Groomer Foundation was once addicted to drugs and found that his life was in a really bad place...sober 15+ years now, he offers free haircuts for homeless men and women throughout the day based on his belief that “a haircut can change someone’s life.”


  It’s more then just a calling. A haircut can change a persons appearance, instill confidence and allow someone to reach for opportunities when they thought life had passed them by. This is about second chances to anyone willing to do the work. While on the streets, Jason has found that those struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction are the ones that he can help the most. He is able to connect with them, because he has been there himself.

  Jason is working with rehabs of his choice providing funding through the sales of his products. The work that needs to be done is not easy, it takes time, but these people are worth it and hopefully we can just help one at a time through our efforts. THE MENS GROOMER FOUNDATION is creating a community to help people get off the street, and back on their feet. If we all do a little, we can help out a lot. 

"Not only has Schneidman coiffed the ’dos of “Late Late Show” host James Corden, “X-men” star Hugh Jackman, singer Bruno Mars and actor Jonah Hill, he’s built an entire salon and product line upon the fundamentals of men’s hair care. Aptly named The Mens Groomer, his Lincoln Boulevard headquarters is part barbershop, part coffee shop and part surf/skate shop." And he's ALL ABOUT GIVING BACK and helping homeless people in need...just starting with a haircut...but clearly hoping to do more, with OUR HELP...

Aired: 6/28/20 On this show, Lisa talks to Jason about his incredible story - how getting sober changed his life, and how he became inspired to reach out and help so many homeless men and women and what his plans are to do even more! Check out so many great articles about him and videos, SHOWING him in action...I just LOVE this man and all that he's doing!! God Bless you Jason! 



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