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TreePeople: Helping Mother Nature Flourish In LA Neighborhoods During Covid

TreePeople inspires and supports the people of LA to come together to plant and care for trees, harvest the rain, and renew depleted landscapes. We unite with communities to grow a greener, shadier and more water-secure city at homes, neighborhoods, schools and in the local mountains. We work with volunteer leaders using our unique Citizen Forester model, and we influence government agencies for a healthy, thriving Los Angeles. Born from the efforts of a teenager over 40 years ago, we have involved more than 3 million people in planting and caring for more than 3 million trees.

  1. Trees are vital for LA's future.A healthy tree canopy protects us in a changing climate. 
  2. Trees cool our city. Trees reduce the build-up of heat from exposed asphalt and buildings, and decrease energy demand.
  3. Trees are key to better water management. Trees slow the runoff of rainwater and absorb it into the ground, prevent pollution and soil erosion, and are key to a clean and ample water supply.
  4. Trees create a better home for everyone. Trees make the air breathable, streets walkable, and schoolyards playable. They provide habitat for wildlife and food for people. Trees truly make LA livable.

Where We Work

Our work is in the neighborhoods, schools and communities of the greater Los Angeles area, and the mountains and wilderness areas of Southern California. Our urban forestry focuses in areas with the lowest amount of tree canopy, particularly South LA and Northeast San Fernando Valley.

TreePeople: Learn@HOME 

Day-by-day activities to keep you reading, thinking, and growing

Seed funding provided by the Jean Aubuchon Cinader Legacy Fund.

Grown through generous donor support.

Aired July 19, 2020. On the show: Lisa Foxx talks to TreePeople CEO Cindy Montanez all about what we can do, especially during the pandemic, to help Mother Nature flourish! Sure they aren't able to do their big volunteer events right now, but you can still volunteer to help plant trees in neighborhoods who need them. With their 'Learn@HOME programs, they've made it even easier to pop on their website to learn about our trees, our water, soil, how to plant plants, your own garden...yep 'urban farming', how to save and better use rain water and tons more. They are lovely people and care so much about our environment, and you can too!

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