Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach Offers Support To Cancer Patients

We exist so that no one faces cancer alone.

Since 1987, Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach has provided psychosocial and emotional support to over 24,000 cancer patients and their loved ones. We offer over 250 programs, services, classes, and workshops per month, all completely free of charge.

With any cancer diagnosis come feelings of hopelessness and social isolation. It is our mission to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.

Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach offers free programs and classes that help cancer patients and their loved ones navigate the complex emotions and stresses that come with the diagnosis. These programs have been proven to raise the spirits and quality of life of cancer patients, as well as help keep traditional medical treatments on track. Our psychosocial programs are just one part of the continuum of care we offer for those fighting cancer. From physical wellness and strength-building classes like yoga and tai chi, to empathetic support groups with others who share your journey, at Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach, you will have a caring community of support to lean on during these challenging days. Cancer Support Community doesn’t offer financial assistance, medical advice, services or referrals. We do, however, offer regular educational workshops and classes that can teach you about the disease and help prepare you for the road to recovery.

Find out more about their free programs AND how to get more involved here:

Aired October 25, 2020: Lisa Foxx talks to Nancy Lomibao, Program Director/Chief Clinical Officer of CSCRB. Nancy discussed the history of CSCRB and how they have been offering hundreds of support & healing programs to cancer patients and their loved ones for over 33 years all for free. We went into detail about the free classes/programs being offered monthly, everything from bereavement to networking & support groups, educational workshops with doctors, mind & body classes including yoga, Reiki, meditation and more. Like most other charities/non-profits who had to cancel their fundraisers due to COVID, she reminded listeners about giving back via donations on their website.

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