Planting and Caring for Trees Across L.A. County with the Tree People

Earth Day is April 22, but to the folks at the Tree People organization, Earth Day is EVERY DAY. Their hope is that you will be inspired to join them and give back to our environment. The Tree People are all about inspiration, engagement, and supporting people in taking personal responsibility for the urban environment, while making it safe, healthy, fun, and sustainable.

Tree People's community organizing approach is guided by the understanding that building climate resilient communities requires long overdue investments that are directly informed, guided, and led by community members. These efforts must be supported by cross-sector and multidisciplinary partnerships aimed at addressing the economic, environmental, and health issues that these communities face.

The Tree People provide education, while engaging, supporting, and empowering students, teachers, and communities with the knowledge, shills, and understanding of the environment and partners alongside them to take action through hands-on meaningful projects.

Images Courtesy of Tree People

Aired April 25, 2021. On the show, Lisa Foxx talks to Director of Education and Community of Tree People Ariel Lew Ai Le Whitson all about what we can do to help Mother Nature flourish! While their big volunteer events are limited right now, you can still volunteer to help plant trees in neighborhoods who need them. The Tree People have made it even easier to check out their website to learn about our trees, our water, soil, how to plant plants, your own garden, how to save and better use rain water, and tons more. They are lovely people and care so much about our environment, and you can too!

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