Wear Red And Your Heart Healthy With The American Heart Association

February 4th is National Wear Red Day®️ Heart disease is the No.1 killer of women—killing more than all forms of cancer combined. Join us in raising awareness and encouraging all women to take charge of their health. Grab a pin, don your red and pass out pamphlets to educate others.

Take a stand against heart disease in women — donate to promote healthy habits that improve our odds of a longer, healthier life. Stay on Beat with Blood Pressure...Blood pressure readings have climbed in the U.S., research has shown, putting people at greater risk of heart and kidney disease and stroke. Reclaiming Your Rhythm means getting back in the groove of self-care, including focusing on your blood pressure and working with your health care team to get (or keep) it in a healthy range.

Lisa Foxx interviewed Dr. Nazanin Azadi - American Heart Association volunteer expert and cardiologist at Providence Medical Institute - South Bay Heart and Vascular Center. They discussed how to assess if you are high risk and what to do about it. Heart disease and stroke are LARGELY PREVENTABLE...assess your risks, consult your doctor or even a cardiologist to understand the importance of staying on top of your ​cholesterol and blood pressures levels. Eating healthy and exercising are KEY to keeping your heart healthy too! Check out heart.org for all the ways you can learn about improving your heart health and don't forget to call attention to the cause and ROCK YOUR RED Friday Feb 4th!!

Please join us...WEAR RED & tag us on social media!

National #WearRedDay is coming up Friday, Feb. 4! Rock your red with @AHASouthernCA / @AHACalifornia for a future free of heart disease and stroke. GoRedforWomen.org #GoRedLA #WearRedandGive #HeartMonth

Hashtag: #GoRedLA#WearRedDay

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