Tiffany Young Performs New Music And Talks Going Solo With Damian Fahey

Tiffany Young has dominated the K-POP music scene as a member of girl group Girls' Generation and now she's debuted as a solo artist with her eyes set on the United States. 

1043MYfm's Damien Fahey sat down with the singer to talk all about being discovered in the United States, her beginnings in South Korean pop music and musical plans for the future.

As a California native, Tiffany described how it felt to grow up listening to iHeartRadio stations in LA and to now be in the building performing: 

It's pretty surreal, it's amazing. I'm like pinching myself. I remember growing up and like - waiting for my favorite songs and putting in a blank cassette tape and pressing record and play at the same time. I'm a huge fan, I grew up to radio - thank you for having me. 

At age 15, Tiffany was scouted in Los Angeles by a representative of SM Entertainment - a record label in Asia and moved to South Korea to pursue a music career after graduating high school. Prior to being approached, she had no experience singing but did study playing the piano and flute. She was then encouraged by her older brother. 

He was like - I think you should sing. You look really happy when you do it. I was like...I am. This is kind of fate. And I picked up my bags and said I'm going to be a musician.

Tiffany described the training system from SM Entertainment as 'intense' but credited it for allowing her to become the best version of herself, in regards to her performance skills. She achieved monumental success internationally as a member of Girls' Generation - a girl group of 8 members, but has now begun to pursue her dream of being a solo pop star.

Watch below as she performs 'Dance The Night Away' (also known as 'I Just Wanna Dance') and her new single 'Over My Skin!' 

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