Here's How To Make Your Bananas Last Longer!

photocredit: gettyimages

If you've been stocking up on fruit like bananas, you may realize that they turn brown pretty fast.

Thanks to Taste of Home, they shared with us six ways on how to make your bananas last longer! Their first tip is to buy green bananas. Second, hang them! The ethylene gas is released through banana stems when they are picked and hanging them up will slow down the gas. Third, wrap the stems in plastic wrap, this will slow the gas released through the stems. Fourth, freeze them! This is perfect for future use. Fifth, place ripe bananas in the fridge and the cool temps will keep them from ripening further. Sixth....... buy a banana keeper! This will protect them from bruising.

There you go! You'll have perfect, long lasting bananas!

What are some recipes you use bananas for?!

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