Jeweler Is Making The World's Most Expensive Coronavirus Mask!

Talk about some bling bling!

You've probably already have seen designer face masks and now this luxury jeweler is in the process of creating the most expensive face mask! It's custom made and will be covered in 18-karat white gold with 3,600 encrusted white and black diamonds. It will also be fitted with the top N99 filters. The jeweler stated it was commissioned by a Chinese business man and he's paying $1.5 million dollars for the mask.

Issac Levy, the designer and owner at Yvel said the requested mask came with three conditions.

They were:

  1. Must be N99 approved by the FDA & European standards
  2. Delivered before December 31st of this year
  3. Must Be The Most Expensive Mask in the world!

Guess we will have to wait and see what it turns out like!

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