Miley Cyrus Adopts Stray Dog That Were Taken In By Valley Firefighters!

How sweet is this?!

Miley Cyrus just adopted a stray dog from Fresno. The dog was a breeding dog and was kept in an unhealthy, unloving living conditions according to the Wagmor Luxury Pet Hotel and Spa adoption agency.

The dog escaped and ended up turning up at North Central Fire Station 58. She slept at the fire station on the back doormat and would always greet the firefighters when they returned from their calls. Then the fire captain took the dog home to his brother, who offered to foster her. Turns out a family friend knew about Wagmor took her there and Miley Cyrus came forward to give the pup a new home!

Miley named the dog Kate Moss and the fire station shared the story on their Facebook on National Dog Day.

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