Yankee Candle Just Released New Holiday Scents!

Yankee Candle is ready for the Holiday season! It's never too early to prepare for Christmas, right?!

Their new Magical Christmas Morning collection includes scents like Christmas Morning Punch, Santa's Cookies, Holiday Hearth, Singing Carols and Happy Morning. You'll be able to get each scent in the Original Large Jar, Large 2- Wick Tumbler, Small Tumbler, Gel Tins, Easy Melt Cup and Wax Melts!

Here's what you can expect from each new Holiday scent:

  • Christmas Morning Punch- a blend of ruby-red pomegranate, strawberry, and cranberry.
  • Santa's Cookies- freshly baked vanilla sugar cookies with a dash of spice!
  • Holiday Hearth- fireplace inspired scent with warm, spicy and sweet notes
  • Singing Carols- fruit, evergreen and spice notes
  • Happy Morning- berries, evergreens, touch of caramel

Which would you choose?

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